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PLEASE NOTE: The ONX Wiki contains a wide range of information that can be considered meta. If you're a player on ONX, what you read here could end up affecting your behaviour in-character. Please exercise discretion and browse at your own risk.


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Launched on December 9th, 2023 and headed up by developers GTAWiseGuy and DW, ONX offers multiple services for roleplayers to create in an immersive, story-driven environment.

"A world of cops, crooks, and opportunists,
all looking to make their mark in San Andreas."

GTA 5 ONX RP Cinematic Gameplay Trailer

The ONX Wiki, founded on December 5th, 2023, is a collaborative community website intended to document roleplay on ONX. Anyone, including you, can help build and expand the site! Enjoy your stay, and please familiarise yourself with the ONX Wiki Rules.

Players are encouraged to exercise caution and browse at their own risk.

Together, we've created 2,027 articles, uploaded 4,858 files, and made 38,961 edits!

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